DA Form 5892 Calculations (Reservist)


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Got my DA 199 back yesterday, rated at 60%. Have my counseling with the PEBLO on Monday. The email she sent specifically says the base pay is based on effective active duty years.

My situation:
16 good years for retirement
22+ years for pay purposes
6 years 7 months for pay based on PEBLO's calculations (I assume this is based on points)
Was injured on 45 day orders, which is what kicked off the MEB (if that matters)

The difference between 6 years and 22 years at 60% is over $1,000/mo, so it's a huge deal. 10 US Code 1201 seems to support the higher amount.

So which is right, and how do I correct the PEBLO and the 5892? Does the 5892 even matter, or does Finance do the calculation for themselves?
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