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I was placed on my first limdu assignment Nov last year after being on light duty for over 120 days. When I originally asked about limdu my provider was okay with it until he realized it was close to my EAS from the Marine Corps. He then politely said some active duty get out with chronic conditions and slip through the cracks. I didn't agree with that so meeting with the patient advocate the decided on limdu and a medical extension. Again in June meeting with the limdu coordinator she agreed to another extension on limdu in order to place me on a medical board this November and retire me.
Now my provider changed again and after being kicked from the office the first time for running past my allotted 20 minutes I scheduled a 40 minute appointment to go back and discuss my limdu and pending board. After about ten minutes she again tried to push me out saying it was an only 20 minute appointment, after leaving for ten she came back in to apologize and say she messed up and I had 10 minutes left. Quickly trying to cover my entire medical history with her because she hasn't ever looked at my file she blatantly said that she feels there is nothing to be med boarded for because I haven't exhausted all options for treatment. The only options I have left is a surgery on my back that the orthopedic spine surgeon won't do because he would have to pin my entire lower back and would cause greater damage, as well as months and months of physical therapy to try and relearn how to maintain my balance after a viral infection caused permanent damage to my vestibular nerve causing vertigo. I don't know where to go from here.
A month ago I was still working under the idea that the were going to place me on a med board and now I get a text message yesterday when I come back from leave to start my check out process because they are administrative separating me from the marine corps. Any advice would be appreciative.


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When is your EAS? Maybe the pre-discharge program will work better for you do you have over six years in? Because they cannot administratively separate without a board if so. Are they trying to ad separate you over your medical issues? Unless you get an outside opinion it will be difficult to win a med board but that doesn't affect your ability to collect VA compensation.


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It is hard to armchair quarterback what is going on with you medically. But I agree with @oddpedesterian you should file for a pre-discharge claim with the VA ASAP.

Depending on what the VA find during the predischarge exams, you may end up with a good case for the BCMR. The nice thing about the VA exam is that it will document you conditions at the time of discharge.

The BCMR is very slow. But money wise most people benefit as much financial from the VA as DoD, prior to 20 YOS. The big benefit to medical retirement, under 20 YOS, is TriCare health insurance. If you end up getting ETSing, keep all your medical billing records. If the BCMR awards you benefits you can claim those medical cost against TriCare.

Talk to your patient advocate now. If you are still not satisfied try your chain of command, the IG and your Congressman. Follow up each conversation with an email to the other party summarizing the conversation and ask them if your summary of the conversation is correct. Keep a copy (always - everything).
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