Diagnosed with MS Jan 2018


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For whatever reason I was not able to post on this site or even register for many months. I just wanted to tell my story briefly to give others hope concerning this diagnosis.

I was on a 365 deployment in April 2017, had 3 months to go, and started having double vision/dizziness in Jan 2018. After going to Landstuhl Germany, then Walter Reed in D.C., was diagnosed after MRI's and LP as having MS. I am a Air Force O-4 flyer with 13.5 years currently in service AD. Over the years, I definitely had other symptoms that the flt docs couldnt figure out why, like Urinary Frequency/Urgency issues, and other stuff pop up. In June/July 2018 my CC recommendation form was sent up as Do Not Retain, and I added my rebuttal comments to the form. Suprisingly, the DP2NP did not concur with the DAWG/docs, and I was retained. However, my flying career is done as that waiver was not approved.

Mainly, I wanted to share this for anybody currently with this diagnosis or going through the process, that getting diagnosed and having this disease does not mean you will definitely be medically retired. I fully expected based on what I researched for months prior to have to go through the MEB process, to ultimately be medically retired in the end. I will still each year have to do an annual RILO, but unless I have severe issues pop up (hopefully not), there wont be any issue to make it to 20.

If anyone has any questions, please message me and I will help as best as I can concerning this diagnosis and retention.


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Hello, welcome! (finally :) I was also a flyer E-7 AFRC and diagnosed with MS after MRI's, LP, blood work, etc....
My story is similar to yours, but my CC recommendation letter was sent as Retain member. In the end, ARPC called and said AFRC found me Un-Fit. In my case, I had enough TAFMS to get a full AD retirement, not medical, so I retired 1 April. I wanted to stay in, but only if I could remain flying, and that was not going to happen. When I was diagnosed, I immediately filed VA claims, to which I am still working on. I'm at 80% VA right now, with two secondary MS related claims that are in the works.
Good luck with your journey, and the MS.
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