Diagnosed with MS OCT2011. Need advise please.


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In October 2011 I was hospitalized for optic neuritis. During my hospital stay a lumbar puncture and MRI was performed. As a result of the tests and the optic neuritis the Neurologist diagnosed me with MS. January I was put on a daily injection of Capaxone 10mg/1mL.

Brief bio. I served 9 years on active duty. 5 tours overseas. Two of those deployments were in Iraq. Shortly after I was discharged from AD I joined a reserve unit (IMA). I served 3 1/2 years with the reserve IMA fulfilling my drilling obligation. December 2011 my 3 year tour was completed and I was put in the inactive ready reserves. This December will put me at 12 successful years of retirement. I am currently a E-7.

So I have a few questions. I was still drilling in October in 2001 when I was hospitalized. I have never mentioned anything to the military about my hospital stay or MS. I have since been to the VA (2 months back) and filled out the paperwork for compensation. How would I go about this? Would I request to be medically separated? Does anybody know what benefits I would be entitled too? What I read so far is I could possibly be medical retired since I have so many years invested in the military. I really thought I was going to finish it out and do 20 plus, but then I was diagnosed with MS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Not quite sure how this would work in your situation being that your now in the IRR. I was just medically retired from AD after 10 yrs of service. Was retired as an E-6. I was diagnosed with MS while on AD and then went through the PEB and was found un-fit and placed on Temporary Disabled Retired List (TDRL). From my understanding of everything when I was going through the process was that if found un-fit and retired that I would receive both retirement and VA compensation benefits. However, now since my EAS (Jan 30, 3013) I'm finding out that this is not the case. They are saying since I did not serve a full 20, that I'm not entitled to collect both concurrently. I am still able to get my TRICARE benefits and my VA benefits though. My best advice would be for you to research CRDP and CRSC. These have some guidelines for eligibility and may be useful in your decision making. Best wishes, I hope everything works out for you and you get as much as you can.

Also do you know of any medications other than Copaxone? Something that is in pill form. I to was placed on this medication & I hate it, it kills me. Not the biggest fan of needles, ESP when I have to give myself a daily injection.


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BG-12 is the most recent approved MS pill. My nuero said it will be available in April and I plan on switching over. I am on copaxone myself and have been taking the injections for the last four years. It does suck! The pill has showed very promising results. Check it out for yourself.


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Thanks. I will look into it & talk to my neurologist about it. My next check up with her is in April actually so hopefully the timing is right.


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I too was diagnosed on July 31st 2012 after several blackouts and loss of feeling on my right side. I have several deloyments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I am now undergoing the MEB/PEB's. I was never reserve and from what everyone and I mean everyone is telling me, I am entitled to CRSC basically retirment for 11 years as well as VA. I have been taking 44mcg Rebif for the last year.
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