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disability rating for wrist


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I have been doing some research in the 38CFR. under codes 5214 and 5215 there is no mention of supination/pronation for which is me chief complaint. there is a rating for "Any other position, except favorable" at 40/30% but if i go up to the fore arm/elbow there are a bunch of ratings pertaining to position of the hand. any idea what i should be looking at?


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I think this more accurately fits my condition attached is an excerpt from my NARSUM pertaining to what they documented, Unfortunatly they did not test or document the rotation (pronation/supronation)

5213 Supination and pronation, impairment of:
Loss of (bone fusion):
The hand fixed in supination or hyperpronation4030
The hand fixed in full pronation3020
The hand fixed near the middle of the arc or moderate pronation2020
Limitation of pronation:
Motion lost beyond middle of arc3020
Motion lost beyond last quarter of arc, the hand does not approach full pronation2020
Limitation of supination:
To 30° or less1010


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