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Good afternoon, All

I will attempt to keep the details limited. I am a CAD applicant (and former JrCOSTEP) and I have recently received a disqualification letter from the Medical Review Board for 4 knee dislocations occurring from 2003-2009 (over 10 years ago). I did not require surgery or therapy during any instance (as they were minor) and do not experience any swelling, stiffness, or lack of mobility today. I am extremely physically active, I run, and participate in strenuous outdoor excursions (hiking, back packing, etc).

In an effort to be honest and transparent, I included the minor dislocations on my application just like I included the notion of having acne as a teen. I didn't predict the dislocation occurrences as ever being a disqualifying factor. A USPHS recruiter even stated "dislocations are not disqualifications".

I have been told by a MRB Support Officer that there is no current policy in place for an appeal.

One suggestion provided I write my congressman with supportive documentation from my hiring agency Chief, my former preceptor, my doctor, and myself.
Any thoughts or helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

Becoming an officer with the PHS has been my dream career since I first served in 2011 as a COSTEP. I want to know I have explored and pursued all avenues of gaining commission before I accept the permanency of the DQ.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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