Do I have any options left?


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Hello, I'm an air force member with 19 years served in active duty and I need some wisdom and advice about my situation.

Currently, I'm told that I will have to separate from the Air Force by 29 Sept of this year(2.5 months) due to me being an E4 and the HYT regulation. I was a E5 but due to multiple leadership chose to take my stripe last Sept...4 weeks before I took my test again and passed it. Afterwards I tried to appeal to receive my stripe back but I was denied by my leadership.

A bit of history:

My stepdaughter contracted cancer in 2009(neuroblastoma) and of course it dramatically changed my family's life. She started receiving treatment at WHMC initially for the first few months but then she was transferred to The Methodist Children's Hospital here in San Antonio to engage in joint care from them and WHMC to try to rid her of this. In the meanwhile I started working a PT job from 10 pm to 2am to suppliment our income due to my wife spending time at the hospital, in addition to working my job then coming home to take care of our daughter who was almost three when this started. This put such a strain on my marriage that me and my wife separated for awhile(she even moved into an apartment) and even got as close as having a court ordered hearing for divorce. With all of this going on I was diagnosed with depression and was placed in an out patient program for 4 weeks(almost lost my clearance behind it). And all the while I'm working out for PT but I wasn't getting much sleep, I was working 2 jobs 5 days a week plus dealing with everything. This was my life for the most part until the beginning of 2011. My wife and I eventually reconciled and my stepdaughter was considered cancer free by the end of 2010(but she will not be totally cleared from her cancer until 2015).

In the meanwhile, I was constantly working out but not having much success with passing the test. I had injured my Achilles/ankle pretty bad in late 2010 but the diagnosis was written off as just tendenosis. Then I relayed to my PCM in early 2011 that my energy levels were really low and I didn't know what was wrong or what to do and I was told that they couldn't find anything wrong but between the energy and my foot issues it was becomming more difficult for success. By Sept 2011 I had failed 4 tests and I was told by my cc to have a full test done on myself to see if there was any issues that would prevent me from passing. By march of 2012, it was discovered that I have stage 1 non alcoholic cirrosis of the liver, depression, sleep apnea, TMJ/grinding, my ongoing ankle/Achilles issues and my PCM and the endocrinologist had discovered that my testosterone levels were well below normal and I was placed on Androgel.

So with all of this my PCM wrote a letter on my behalf in April of 2012 to my cc to inform him I did have issues preventing me passing in her and the endocrinologist's opinion and to exempt me from testing for the next 6 months until the Meds they prescribe would hopefully take effect. My cc talked to the chief of profiles on Lackland and was told that "he was the only one to say who was exempt from testing and he said he would exempt me. So in July 2012 in failed again and my cc took 2 actions against me: 1. To separate as E5 and 2. To demote to E4. The HAWC initiated a program to help members who had multiple failures in Aug 2012 and I signed up for it and began working out with a personal trainer 5 days a week, 2 hours per session. Mid Sept 2012, the head of the HAWC called my shirt to tell him my progress and he was told "this member should've been kicked out long ago." and was referred to my cc who said "Thanks for the info." On 26 Sept I was officially demoted to E4 ( I was informed by my chain 1 Oct 2012) on 9 Nov 2012 I passed my PT test. I appealed to the group and to the wing but they concurred with my sq cc on the demotion.

Initially, I was told by my MPF that I would be able to retire but in Jan 2013 I was informed by AFPC that I would have to separate by 31 Dec 2013 due to hyt, then in late Jan I was informed by AFPC that they had miscalculated and my separation date was 29 Sept 2013...which would leave me 9 months shy of retirement. In Feb 2013 I finally received an MRI on my ankle and it was discovered that I had torn ligaments in my ankle and would need surgery to correct it. The time frame for me to have my rank restored ended on 26 Mar 2013 with every appeal denied. I finally had ankle surgery on 7 June 2013 and I will return to duty on 25 July 2013...only to start terminal it seems in Aug.

I've been told that I am unable to join either the guard or reserve due to having too much time served yet I wont have enough time to retire.

I failed my first Pt test in 2010 and between 2010-2012 I failed the PT test a total of 6 times in my sq there was a Msgt who had failed the same exact amount of tests but he wasn't reduced in rank and of course he retired. When I brought this up to my chain I was told "it was none of my concern" and when I talked to the IG about it, I was told is was a command issue and it was referred back to my cc. I am at my wits end and I don't know what else to do. I feel I deserve my retirement I have given over half my life go the AF, served in 4 different career fields and obtained 7 levels in all...and this is the thanks I get?
My daughter still needs my insurance for her check ups and she has other issues that have occurred due to the cancer and her treatment as well.

If there's some advice or information/direction that anyone has and is willing to give I would appreciate it very much. All I want is my retirement. Thank you.


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1.)Did you have an approved retirement date?
2.)You underwent ankle surgery recently. I am thinking you might try and push for an MEB to PEB (drag out time) or request a period of limited duty to recover.
3.) Besides PT failures, do your medical conditions prevent you from performing your duties?


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1. Unfortunately no I didn't due to the fact that I was told I couldn't apply tor one until I hit 19 years.
2. I'm trying to go that route but my old PCM( I had her for 4 years) recently left and I have had a rotation of pcm's since Feb 2013(4) but I'm trying.
3. I cant stand for 20 min at a time. But the main thing is that I haven't been fully healthy since 2009/2010 and before I started with the HAWC program I was only allowed to walk the track while the rest of the sq ran. When I asked if I could go to the cardio room I was told no because we needed to form up when they were through running.
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