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Doclo said:

I’m having issues trying to figure out the CRSC
High 3 3655.20
VA Rating is 100% 3 children under 18 one over 18 going to school
Military rating 70 [this is inferred to be your DoD disability percentage]
Medical retirement 12.2 years active 4 national guard, any help is appreciated


You did not provide your approved CRSC percentage and the active duty should include the active duty equivalent from the NG.
With those elements missing:

1. All your retired pay (3655.20 x 0.70) will be reduced by the VA compensation amount = zero retired pay remaining

2. 12.2 years of AD (NG equivalent AD yrs missing) x 2.5% = 30.5%
Note: 12.2 is not 12 yrs 2 months. 12 yrs and 2 months is 12.1667 yrs. Your info shows 12.2.

3. 3655.20 x 0.305 = 1114.84 longevity portion of retired pay

Based on the limited info available your CRSC will be the lesser (lower) amount of
The CRSC percentage and amount approved by your service. The percentages and associated amounts are in the VA compensation tables.

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