DOD ratings for multiple conditions?


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I know that DOD only rates for non-deployable conditions. I have a left knee condition with limited ROM 10 degrees extension and 90 degrees flexion with meniscus issues. My right foot has moderate to severe degenerative arthritis because of an LOD in that foot and ankle in 2004. Will they rate both conditions for my final percentage? I have LOD's for both injuries. I am currently rated for 10 percent by the VA for tinnitus and am awaiting all of my conditions to come back from the VA. I am ARNG with 25 years of service and have been waiting for a med board for four years! The left knee condition started the whole thing....they said they wanted me to med board...but four years later still waiting! Waiting for VA ratings on depression, hearing loss, left ankle fracture, left and right foot deg. arthritis. I just need the magical 30 percent from the DOD rating. Any clue out there?
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