Does Officer Candidate School time count towards severance pay calculation?


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If I understand correctly, OCS in other branches is akin to our Basic Officer Leadership Course (Army). If this is the case, my BOLC training did count towards my separation pay.
What didn't count toward my pay was the time spent in what is called the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) (medical school at civilian institution). While this might sound obvious why it wouldn't it does seem odd to me because technically I was a commissioned 2LTall during school. Received 2LT pay and everything. But I checked with our TransProc folks and they were firm that time in HPSP did not count towards AD time towards severance pay. If anyone knows something different, please let me know. That was 3 years and would dramatically affect my severance pay


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@MilitaryBlake ,

Ref: DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 60

6004 PAY ENTITLEMENTS 600401. Active Duty
A. Members participating in AFHPSP will be commissioned officers in the Reserve Component of the Armed Forces and will be ordered to active duty for a period of 45 days during each year of participation.

B. Members pursuing a course of study will serve on active duty in pay grade O–1 with full pay and allowances of that grade.

600410. Creditable Service

A. Except as provided in subparagraph 600410.B, service performed while a member of AFHPSP will not be counted in:
1. Determining eligibility for retirement, other than by reason of physical disability incurred while on active duty as a member of AFHPSP; or
2. Computing years of service creditable.

B. The Secretary of the Military Department concerned may authorize service performed by a member of AFHPSP, in pursuit of a course of study under this section, to be counted as creditable service, if the member: 1. Completes the course of study; 2. Completes the active duty obligation; and 3. Possesses a specialty designated by the Secretary of the Military Department concerned as critically needed in wartime.

C. Service credited under subparagraph 600410.B counts only for the award of retirement points for the computation of years of service and retired pay.

D. The number of points credited to a member under subparagraph 600410.B.1 for a year of participation in the course of study is 50. The points will be credited to the member at the end of each year after the completion of the course of study, when the member serves in the Selected Reserve and is credited with at least 50 points.

E. Service may not be counted under subparagraph 600410.B for more than 4 years of participation in the course of study as a member of AFHPSP.

F. A member is not entitled to any retroactive award of, or increase in, pay or allowances by reason of an award of service credit under subparagraph 600410.B.



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Not sure I understand the above. I did end of completing my service obligation, and so it seems that my years of service should actually go towards my severance pay time computation. However, when I was selected to serve in select reserve I only accrued 45 points, not 50, so therefore I do not qualify. Does others read this the same way?
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