Does this whole MEB thing make anyone else go crazy?


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I feel like it's making me go crazy. I use to be one of the best workers but now, I show up feeling like I'm constantly being judged. I lack the motivation to do anything since this whole MEB is hovering above my head. How can I focus on work when 8 months from now I might get the boot? My doc says not to worry about it and how the MEB will probably come back as a Return To Duty but, I highly doubt that. The stuff I've been though, the amount of meds I've been on, and yet I've made little progress.

I find myself drinking more, getting angry more. I've punched a few holes in my wall and it makes me more depressed everytime I look at them.

I've had people say "Oh well, you might get medically retired, thats a pay check and healthcare". If I'm miserable and hopeless now, what makes them think I'll be better off on the outside? I'll still be struggling with the same problems. I don't need to be medically retired, I need to be fixed.


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I hope this finds you doin' alright. You know, a lot of people put on med boards get found "fit". If that's what you wanted, and that's what you indicated on the paperwork, I would think the board would take that into serious consideration. I hope you can at least find a little bit of comfort in that.

About the drinking, I wonder if you have thought, "how is this helping me?" If you are punching holes in your walls, you're only hurting yourself. It's not your fault that you're on a med board, and you're probably a good person. Why hurt yourself? I'm hoping that maybe you find someone you can talk to about this. What branch of service are you in?

Take care, nothing is worth hurting yourself over. You sound like you take pride in your work, why not focus on other aspects of your work that you can do right now? Would that be possible? Can you direct your pride into showing up to your assigned duty place ready for whatever comes your way? Shaved, good haircut, fresh uniform, a smile? I've found that sometimes just having a positive attitude makes all the difference.

Reply back. Take care!


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RTD is a viable option in some cases. I had a heart attack and got RTD for 6 more years. So it can be done.

If seeing the holes depresses you; fix them. Alcohol is no substitute for working through problems. Seek help from a friend, One Source, chaplain, MH.
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