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Drawing Near My ETS Date (9 Mar 12)


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I have been in the Army nearly 4.5 years now. I am drawing near my ETS date (9 Mar 12), and I have been an outstanding Soldier (according to my superiors and peers). I returned from Afghanistan toward the end of December 2011 (63 days ago). I served at my last duty station for about two years, and I was about to PCS out of there. My unit and I were packing up from a field exercise. As I was up on top of a LMTV (large high back truck) I fell off the LMTV square on my back. I didn’t say anything about it there since I was PCSing out of there, but as I started in-processing with my new unit, I went and got it checked out. I found out that I have a lot of different things wrong with my back. My PA (Physician Assistant) wanted me to med-board after I got all the MRI’s, CT’s, and x-rays done of my back and the diagnosis of the issues with my back. I did not want to “call it quits” yet; I wanted to fulfill my obligation with my contract. My pain was to serve this last deployment and then perhaps ETS with disability benefits. Now I am on my way out and my back feels and is worse now that we have gotten back from this deployment. As I have now done my ETS Phase 2 Physical, I found out that I have many other things wrong with me (in which all my files say I have not been diagnosed with any problems; which is confusing to me). What can I do to get my medical issues taken care of? I have orders to sign in to the National Guard in my home state about one month from my ETS date. Is it too late for me to do anything? Ever since I got diagnosed with my issues with my back I have had a P2 with limitations in almost everything, but I still deployed. My wife and I are concerned. I had less than 90 days from the date I got home from deployment to the date of ETS. I requested an extension in order to have more time to get my paperwork and benefits squared away, but the extension was denied. I need help ASAP.
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Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm hoping that someone sent you a private message or something to help you out. If it isn't too late already, meaning you are still on active duty, your ETS date will be extended if the MEB process is started. If you have already ETS'd then you should file a claim with the VA immediately. It will take some time but it will be worth it in the long run.