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Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me if the Discharge Review Board is separate from the BCMR? Also, if it is separate, can they change your discharge from medical separation to medical retirement? I'm looking for alternate avenues before I file with the BCMR because I know that is the last stop. I've come to find that attorneys that can help with things like this sure are expensive. Just yesterday was quoted $3500 from one attorney and $5000 just to start the process from another attorney. I guess you get what you pay for. Thank You.


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The Discharge Review Boards are Separate from the BCMR's. The DRB's have limited powers. They are able to upgrade a discharge unless the discharge is a result of a general court martial. They are able to change the reason for a discharge with the exception of changing the discharge to or from a disability discharge or retirement. You have to go through the BCMR for that. See the attached guide for more info.


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