Driving home from drill, car accident, is that considered on duty for an LOD?


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Have a question for a Soldier. They were injured in a car accident driving home from a weekend drill status. Is their injury considered to be On Duty Status for the purposes of an LOD?
Providing of course they were sober, and not driving in a negligent manner.
Any idea where that would be shown in the regulations?


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Should be On Duty Status for a LOD. Here is one reference even if not from the AR or what ever branch they are in: Line of Duty Care | TRICARE
Tricare states "You may qualify for line of duty care if you incur or aggravate an injury, illness, or disease while in the line of duty (performing ADT, IDT, drill weekend, or any other training while on orders). This includes when traveling directly to or from your place of duty. To get line of duty care, your unit must issue a Line of Duty (LOD) determination (or a Notice of Eligibility [NOE] if you're in the U.S. Coast Guard). "
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