Ebenifits and VA.gov


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Hey everyone I’ve been in the process since December. I received an unfit memo and I know my stuff is as the va for ratings for the last two weeks. I have seen others post about checking ebenifits and va.gov does anyone know if va.gov will not show anything until the case is closed? Everytime I look on there it says I have no claims submitted. My ebenifits claim says it’s in preparation for a decision. I feel like it saying I have no claims means the va hasn’t even looked at my case yet. Thanks in advanced.


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I posted this earlier today. It is somewhat related to the info you have seen on eBenefits.

I wrote the following three years ago elsewhere:
--Other systems feed data to eBenefits; the eBenefits feature does not rely on direct human input (i.e., it is a pirate system, somewhat like a news aggregator such as HuffPost). It takes info from other VA sources like VBMS (Veterans Benefits Management System). The estimated completion date is only the historical average of claims similar to yours. In other words, it is imprecise (and often meaningless).

This info pertained to claims in general and did not specially consider IDES-generated claims.



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Has anyone had a 3rd open on the va website. My eas date was February 28th. Also it says it’s supposed to be finished today.
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