Epilepsy and fitness for duty


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Hi all,

My husband was assigned a PEBLO yesterday and is now officially going through the med board process. I have a question regarding his leadership's obligations that hopefully someone on here can help me with.

My husband has been diagnosed with epilepsy and experienced his second seizure last week. He is 25U at Fort Polk and is now unable to drive. This renders his day to day tasks difficult or impossible to complete because he has no reliable transportation. I am unable to help with this as I live hours away.

He is currently getting rides to and from work from a guy at work who is PCSing in a couple weeks. His leadership has not been helpful with arranging a carpool and has stated that he will be getting counseled/an article 15 if he is unable to make it to work on time because his driver was late.

Before he was able to get rides from his coworker, he was forced to spend over $200 a week on cab fare. I will likely wind up trying to find another spouse who is available to take him on base for extra cash.

Is there any recourse available to him to either get an exception for making it to morning formation or formally requesting assistance with transportation? This situation should only last for the next 3-6 months assuming he hasn't been medically separated by then.
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