Filling out DA 7652, JAN 2017 Form


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I have been asked to fill out my commanders statement. With the updated form (JAN 2017), it seems to be more streamlined and Section III is where to put all of my information regarding performance and how condition(s) impact and/or affect mission readiness.

With that said, I am being referred for having a permanent profile with a PULHES of 113113. On my profile in Section 2: Block 9; I have two conditions listed under "S", one for Unspecified behavioral health condition (Bilateral) with a 2 and Behavioral Health Condition with a 3.

Do I need to address each of these conditions in Section III of the commander statement or just the Behavioral Health Condition with a 3?

Also, with already being diagnosed through the VA for the conditions that generated my profile and for conditions that are not on my profile, (Migraines, IBS, Tinnitus), do I mention these conditions?

I also have a few other issues that need to be addressed, do I mention these now or wait until assigned a PEBLO and go for evaluations with the VA?

Thanks for the help brothers and sisters. Hopefully this all make since.

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