Finding an Independent Lawyer


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So 47 months after getting injured and 3 months shy of 17 years in I received my (AF) IPEB results today. I am so exhausted/stressed/anxious/tired I was just REALLY hoping to get 100% perm and be done with it all. Ended up getting 60%/80% which I kind of see as a (nearly) worst case scenario. It's going to be hard to argue to stay in or to bank on getting the VA side up to 100%.

there are a LOT of inconsistencies, assumptions, false records, and outright incorrect information with my NARSUMs. The first time I tried to get in touch with the Office of Airman's Council I was told to call back when I get my IPEB results so I did. After finishing their questionnaire I got a 'what do you want from us' type question but still haven't spoken to a lawyer. After my first MEB experience (like 15 years ago) I am afraid I am going to get the equivalent of a public defender. I am confident they are overworked to the gills and I haven't even had a chance to talk to council yet but...

TLDR: I am really starting to think I would be more comfortable dropping a few grand on an independent lawyer but have no idea how to find somebody reputable. I'm naturally skeptical of advertising and while you probably cannot specifically recommend anybody on here, how does one find independent council? Looking for somebody that will have knowledge on the PEB system as well as the VA disability side.
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