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Firstly, thank you to all here that have served. I greatly appreciate all of the work done here to empower through knowledge; the IDES and VA system is...(what's the euphemism?) not perfect. Anyway, I'll get to brass-tax.
I am in the IDES system and my final VA C&P appointment (vision) is on Thursday. My C&Ps all went according to what I expected and I fully anticipate that I will have a high DoD rating and a max VA rating.

1. I am at 22 years of (all "good" AD) service
2. I am an Army MSG/1SG (11Z) and have fully actualized my "High-36" at this rank
3. I am not married and have no children
4. The condition that placed me into IDES is a back injury (surgery required) that occured in combat, but was exacerbated through life as a senior NCO in the Infantry. I have many other claims that "should" meet the criteria for combat related, or through an instrumentality of war, but are unquestionably service connected.

After many discussions with vets in a similar line of work, and who are receiving benefits from the VA ( a couple actually are medically retired as well-they are GS employees at my current assignment), I am running into what appears to be conjecture from some of them about my potential benefits moving forward. I have searched this forum a lot, but perhaps my keywords aren't taking, or I am plagued again by knuckle-dragger syndrome (which I never discount).

BLUF: If I were to meet the 75% DOD and 100% VA threshold, what is my best course of action? At this point, I am vaguely familiar (thanks to many here; a resource not easily found elsewhere on the interwebs) with how my concurrent receipt of benefits "should" work. That said, what is the maximum benefit (in regards to taxes, specifically) if a SM over 20 would get 100% DoD and VA?

I have had more than one individual tell me that they make more than what their High-36 payout would have been, due to a medical retirement (DOD % above 75%), and they stated that they only pay federal taxes on a very small portion of their retirement, due to the high DoD disability percentage (All great guys, so I assume that they are just uninformed, but it could be my inability to understand the nuance here). I am aware that the VA 100% payout is a tax-free entitlement, in addition to my DoD pension (CRDP), but I'd never be entitled to more compensation than my LOS retirement (55% LOS + VA entitlement 100%, correct?

In closing (and for clarity), can someone please explain to me if there is a scenario like the above stated...I do not want to be the one that is uninformed when it is my time to make a decision on my benefits and financial future.

I thank any of you kind enough to enlighten me in advance!

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