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Fit For Duty Board advice needed for AGR

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I was notified that I would be attending a FFD on 21 Jan.

I'm AGR (title 32), 18 years total, 13 years Active ( 2 years noble eagle title 10).

I'm a 31E

I have an LOD for a back injury ( it says service aggravated which really bugs me) from Jun 13 for a back injury I recieved lifting boxes. Because I was on temp profiles, they are making me attend.

My CO supports me staying, so does my other leadership. I'm super frustrated because I attend everything required, still do my job (just spent Thanksgiving and 19 days in a lovely town near Saint Louis). I was a 300 pt person before this.

I have been in therapyfor a year, recieved back injections, been to an orthopedic surgeon, bought a new mattress, buy every single "back pain help" item I can afford. I'm trying my best to get well. I just started seeing a Chiropractor.

I sent in a CMD and three months later, this is my response.

I have several issues, up and down my spine from L to C.

I was also rear ended on the 12th of December, on the highway. This is setting me back.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated . I'm worried they will kick me out because MO is over on AGRs.
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