FIT results timeline(NAVY)


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Dear TCS:


That didn't take very long.

What were your results?

Can you break them down by injury/disease with % rating please?

Any combat or combat-related findings, too.

Are you permanent, temporary, or severance retired?

Did you get what you wanted?



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Tin Can Sailor, when you got your results, how did they come? What were your results? Just curious becuase i am now about to enter week 7 of waiting.


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I think this is just his initial IPEB findings. It took the same amount of time for my FIT findings to be received for IPEB. Submitted Oct 3rd, board convened 2 weeks later, I was notified via PEBLO a few days later, found FIT. Given 10 days to I requested FPEB on Nov 1st. To date I have heard nothing in response to my request....
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