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Hello everyone,

I was recently told from the lawyer representing me that the PEB usually determines a member FIT when they are close to their EAS. I’m hoping to get some experience with this situation. I am 6 months out from my EAS.

Thank you.


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There are several stages in the IDES process where you are determined to be fit or unfit or service. The Informal PEB is the office that makes this determination final and if found unfit, will contact the VA and ask for a percentage of disability for whatever condition made you unfit for service. If you don't appeal the IPEB or VA disability rating it then goes to the back to the PEB for finalization and documentation.

If you appeal the PEB results, you can request a formal PEB and go down to Texas to represent yourself in person and make your plea do the board.

As for your EAS, if you are in the IDES process, I am pretty sure they will have to extend you because they shouldn't be able to separate you with a medical administration action pending.
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