FL-4 Question & Timeline


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Here is my current timeline

11/17/2023 - Referral put in

12/7/2023 - 9W300 AFSC (Wounded Warrior Project)

1/26/2024 - AMRO agreed to proceed with IRILO

1/30/2024 - Request for code 37

1/31/2024 - IRILO Email from PEBLO

2/1/2024 - Impact statement sent to CC

2/7/2024 - Signed CIS

2/8/2024 - Local IRILO board

2/26/2024 - AFPC decided full board

3/7/2024 - VA contacted

3/11/2024 - All appointments scheduled

3/18/2024 - General Health C&P exam

3/20/2024 - Audio C&P exam

4/12/2024 - Mental Health exam

When should my PEBLO be receiving my FL-4? I’m trying to do skillbridge
Your PEBLO should've been notified of your fit/unfitness for duty via the FL4 form from afpc (26 Feb). If you haven't already asked the PEBLO for a copy, you'll need to go ahead. Also you'll need to do TAP prior to starting skillbridge.
A copy of your FL-4 can be found on Tricare Online under documents. Your PEBLO is doing you a disservice of not providing the FL-4 paper until now.