Formal Physical Evaluation Board Fighting For Return to Duty (RTD)


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Congrats on your RTD! I will be facing the formal board on the 10th. I was diagnosed with a cold uticaria. I’m allergic to the cold weather. I have been symptom free for a year now with only taking Zyrtec as needed and even the allergist who diagnosed me agrees with RTD. Unfortunately, I have two other conditions that have prevented me from performing a full PT test, I just completed my last PT test (AC) only but it has nothing to do with my cold allergy. My right hand has been injured, tried different meds and got sent to occupational therapy. The therapist said that she couldn’t help me and that I should get referred to a hand surgeon. Haven’t been sent to a hand surgeon because I’m undergoing an MEB so they didn’t want to refer me. The other issue is my knee. Had an MRI, there was swelling even after resting the knee for several months, tried physical therapy, and a cortisone shot. Pain is still there. my PCM said that I wouldn’t get referred to ortho until at least 2 years with the condition. Now this was held against me during the informal board. These two things don’t even relate to the MEB condition. My lawyer is advising me to take a full component PT test in order to prove that I’m fit for duty. Im not currently on a profile, so i can take a full PT test while sucking up the pain. Im wondering if a non-official PT test will be ok, but I’m not sure if the board will be ok with that or if I should just go ahead and do a official PT test. It’s hard to know what the board will take into consideration, however, the process is messed up when they are utilizing conditions which are not even related to my “unfitting” medical condition. Sorry for the long post...This is helping me vent a bit about this process. I agree that a better process needs to be put in place. When I have 5 AD doctors say I’m RTD, even the doc that submitted the MEB, I don’t know why there was AF money wasted on a full MEB and now a trip to SA for the formal board. Thanks again!


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I think i'm going to be in for a fight too so can you please break down the appeals process for me. When to apply for appeal, when you can apply for SECAF appeal, when you can apply for VARR and if you know when you can apply for LAS. I would appreciate it.
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