Fort Bragg Timeline and Questions


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Referral - 01/24/2019
VA Claim - 01/25/2019
Medical Exam - 02/19/2019
Medical Evaluation Board - 03/27/2019
Informal PEB - 04/01/2019
VA Rating - Pending 42 days as of 05/13/2019 (Ebenefits says nothing has changed since FEB 24th and that it's expected to be completed Jan 2020?!)

Not Started:

PEB Findings -
PEBLO Counsel & Solider Election -
PEB Appeal or VA Reconsider - Oh how I hope I don't need to do this!
PDA/Sec Army Approval -
Transition -
Benefits -

With that being said I had a few questions.

1. I have some Job Interviews and even my house lined up. What is the timeline I should be expecting? I was told at the start 6 months but obviously that seems impossible now. I know it's essentially me shaking an 8 ball but does anyone have an educated guess? It's been extremely hard driving home for interviews then explaining I don't have a DD214 or an out date and have no idea when I am going to get out. What would be a healthy estimation I can say during interviews?

2. My Lawyer said bluntly that I was extremely short handed by my on post Physical Examiner. He informed me that I should still receive medical retirement but according to him things such as my back where given 1 degree flexation less then what would be needed for the next level of rating. Also my Crohn's Disease was worded in a manor he said he has never seen and will likely net me %0 for arguably the worst of all my conditions. Should I try and fight this or just transition and worry about the VA on the outside? I am not to concerned with anything but just getting out. He also said it's extremely unlikely that I don't get medically retired. But after reading my exam and just by the way I was essentially talked down to the entire exam I can with my limited medical knowledge infer I was given a bad hand. I hear this quite often though so I am not sure if perhaps I am overacting? Just worried about jumping the gun to get out then shooting myself in the foot for the rest of my life because I didn't want to stay in a few more weeks.

Thanks for your time. I will attempt to keep this updated as I imagine many people like myself grew tired after a month of no word and began to scour the interwebs for information that should be more readily available during one of the most stressful and unknown times in our life!


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Hello Gomer,

so I have a Soldier that started his MEDBOARD in October of last year and as of this moment he is still waiting for his ratings from the VA, he is expected to be done with the process in September of this year so you might have some time to kill before yours is completely done. On top of that if you are planning on appealing any decision just add a few more months to that. I'm also going through the MEDBOARD process and as of last week my paperwork was sent up for the Informal PEB and mine is expected to be done by January next year. As far as the DD214, what you can do is get a statement of service. I attached a sample, you just need to edit it and have your commander sign it.

Also from my experience in the forum people that get out and try to fight their ratings on the outside have a harder and longer time doing so. My suggestions is to do any appeals while you still active. I know how it feels, you just want to get on with your life and be done with it but better to do it right now. if you do appeal it might take a few more months to get the appeal done, in my opinion it is worth it specially since you already feel like you were not examined properly.



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Waiting on the VA seems to take the longest. You can always reach out to your MSC and they can tell you the status of your claim. I wouldn't rely on the Ebenefits estimated date of completion as that will change multiple times and its just an estimate of everyone. Since youre on the IDES it doesn't fully capture that. My doctor did a similar thing with me when she misdiagnosed my conditions. I am going to medical and getting my primary care managers (doctors) to document all my injuries that were down played so when I appeal the process runs a lot smoother. Id say get all supporting documents ready and wait. I am on a similar timeline as you so ill track this and keep you in the loop so you can get a better answer hopefully. Good luck
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