Fort Bragg timeline


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Hope this helps someone get a better picture. All in all, it has moved very fast for me! ekk

Referral - 07/06/2017
VA Claims -7/11/2017
Medical Exam -8/14/2017
Medical Evaluation Board -8/31/2017
Informal PEB -9/19/2017
VA Rating -10/03/2017
PEB Findings - 10/18/2017
PEBLO Counsel & Soldier Election -Will sign on 11/7/17 after meeting with lawyer
PEB Appeal or VA Reconsideration -No appeal
PDA Action & SecArmy Approval -pending
Transition (Including Leave/PTDY) -pending
Benefits -pending


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We are on a similar timeline. My C&P exams took about a month longer than expected. The AKO Dashboard states I am in the "PEB Findings" step. I am hoping to be on retirement terminal leave by mid-Jan at the latest. Is there a way to find out what my ratings are without waiting to be notified by the PEBLO? I figured ratings have been determined if the "VA Rating" step is complete.
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