Fort Campbell IDES timeline


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Date of physician's notification: 8/11/2011
Date of MEB Physician appt: 8/11/2011
Date commander notified: 8/16/2011
Initial PEBLO counseling: 8/31/2011
NARSUM dictated: 9/21/2011
Date MEB with signatures of approving authority returned: 10/20/2011
Date counseled on MEB: 10/25/2011
Date sent to PEB: 11/04/2011


Date received: 11/07/2011
11/16/2011 called PEBLO and she said she had my unfit memo from PEB and my ratings could take a week or two.
12/7/2011 called VA today and was told that my ratings were finalized on the 28th of November and they are going to be sending the notification letter soon......
I called my PEBLO and she said she saw nothing in the system, so I don't know what's going on

My question is what comes next, and how long for PEB and VA to rate me, and then how long before I can go to transitions?

Date Board Completed: 1/11/2012
waiting for the call for the 199
1/17/2012 got the call the ratings are in.
1/18/2012 go to get 199
1/23/2012 sent to PDA
1/25/2012 PDA received
1/31/2012 Received my separation message


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Wow, that went pretty quick!

The rating should take a week or two. If you go see your VA service Rep in about a week they may be able to tell you your ratings. The '800' number for the VA won't give you your ratings, but they will tell you if they are done rating you or not. Once you are rated by the VA the PEB will put together your 199. Then they will send the 199 to your PEBLO for you to look over and sign (make sure that you get your JAG involved). At that point you will be in limbo like the rest of us... waiting on orders..

I called the Army PDA number today and the lady told me that she could see that my packet was received, but because I am in the 'new' pilot program she couldn't see anything else. She forwarded my information and contact info to the supervisor that does the pilot program packets. She said they would be getting in contact with me.


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What number do you select from the 800 number to find if they have finished rating you or not?


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Ebenefits just updated about a minute ago to decision phase, I guess it is moving.


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I think its 1 and 1 for the 800 number sometimes the automated system will hang up on you an you just have to call back. If you can the system will ask if you would like them to call you back instead of wait. I think it works great they were always prompt at returning my calls.


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how did that go so fast!?!?!?! i would kill for mine to go that fast. mine was sent in on 18 oct and i still havent heard anything.....i envy you congrats hope it was what you wanted


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Okay, received ratings by phone from PEBLO today 1/17/2012, 10% Army, 40% VA, the ratings took longer than expected, but it is okay, I am one step closer now.


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Mine was sent to the PEB about two weeks ago and I still have heard nothing and the MEB/PEB website is not updated. When does the PEB site update?


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I wish my Med Board process was going that quickly. Here is my timeline if anyone has any input (FT Campbell)

Initiated MEB: 11 Sep 2011
First Meeting With PEBLO: 9 Jan 2012
Commander Notified Of MEB: 11 Jan 2012
Date Of Physicals Completed (To include mental eval): 24 Feb 2012
Narrative Summary Review: 3 Mar 2012
Dictation: 9 Mar 2012
Unfit Memo Received: 23 May 2012 (memo was dated 15 May but PEBLO was on leave when unfit memo was given)
PEB Packet Forwarded: 22 May 2012

Currently I am still awaiting ratings from the PEB portion of this process and according to ebenefits my packet is still in Seattle. How much longer will this take? Its already been two months and my PEBLO said 2-3 months but im viewing other cases and their timelines and its a little discouraging. I understand each case is different but mine is just too funny. I am med boarding out of the army for a left gastrocnemus strain in my left calf - in addition, i am claiming tenosynovitis (left lower leg), adjustment disorder, vasovagal syncope, left flat foot, left ankle condition and tinnitus. Any information would be helpful as this is also driving my fiancee nuts and he is stationed at Ft Sill.
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