Fort. Knox Timeline (remote AD Soldier)


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Here is my current timeline:

Referral 6/04/2018
VA Claims 6/07/2018
Medical Exams 7/16/2018
MEB: 7/18/2018
Informal PEB 8/02/2018
VA Ratings 9/05/2018
PEB Findings: TBP

I suppose the most frustrating part is waiting for the PEB findings.


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Also does anyone have any insight about the PEB findings stage?
Stanman, I find it odd that you received a VA rating, yet no indication from the informal PEB? In my case, the IPEB indicated to the PEBLO that I was UNFIT (on 22AUG18) and I am still waiting on the VA and DOD rating from the IPEB. Best of luck to you.


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The informal PEB was completed I'm currently at the PEB findings stage after speaking with my peblo a few hours ago it is waiting for signature. As for the VA ratings I know they have been submitted but my peblo obviously can't tell me what my ratings are until I receive my PEB findings or whatever the Army is rating me
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