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Good Morning All,

I have decided to appeal the IPEB's decision. The formal hearing is 23 MAR21. My rating for a medical condition was dropped from 40% to 20% ; however, other conditions that I have, collectively, should have been considered. My other disabilities are associated with the unfitting disability. I am trying to put together my package. I was told that an attorney would be made available to me, at least, three days prior to the hearing. I was beginning to have a lot of anxiety because three days to prepare, is not enough. I hired attorney, but it is costing me $15,000. Can someone help me. Obviously, I need to include all medical records, letters from a shipmate and my fiancé. Who else could write a letter on my behalf? I have asked my CO from my last command and last employer to write a letter...The problem is...I don't know what to have them put in the letter or how it should be written. I am asking the forum for advice on the legal aspect and what steps should I take between now and the 23rd of March. I want to prepare for this formal board. My goal is to fight for a medical retirement (raise disability rating from 20% back to 40-50%) Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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The lawyer that you paid $15K should be providing you guidance. It may take a him/her a period of time to review your case and get up to speed. Allow him/her that time. March 23, is more than a month away.

The whole process creates lots of anxiety. Take care of yourself.


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The good news is that you have Jeremy Wall as your Code 16 counsel on next week's docket. Jeremy was a superb JAG re PEB cases when on active duty and it was great news that he has returned to the Yard as a civilian Code 16 counsel. So, if something falls through with your retained counsel, Jeremy can pick up the ball and run with it. If all is well on that front, then Jeremy will be a good source for intel for him/her regarding your board members. The additional good news is that you have CDR White as the medical officer in your case. I have had great results with him for my clients. Good luck!
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