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As of three days ago I initiated the PEB process after a lasting injury of over 4 years. I'm currently on the PEB process awaiting an IRDM to be generated since no LOD was issued to me so that I may proceed with an MEB. have some general questions regarding the PEB and what I can receive from it. I will likely be going through an MEB incase an IRDM cannot be generated, so all questions will be under the assumption that a PEB is the process I will complete. Note, I only have 4 years of service.

1. What kind of benefits can I receive from the PEB? I have read that separation pay is common but I am wanting to know if there's more I can get from it. Mostly concerned with my MGIB since it is currently paying for my flight training, and that is not something I want to lose. Is it possible to get that bumped to a Post 9-11 GI Bill? If so, how can I do this?

2. I was given an enlistment bonus of $8000 for my MOS and I am about two years short of completing my contract. My understanding is that as I am unable to complete the contract, that what I have been given will be recouped. However, as this is an involuntary separation, is this not true? If I go through an MEB/PEB and am given separation pay, is the money recouped going to be taken from my pay?

This is all new to me and I am being bombarded with paperwork and instructions and everything else, so I am unsure of everything going on. Any kind of help or advice to help me in this process would be appreciated. Thank you
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