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Getting Care needed, IU and VA Doctor?


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Couple VA questions...

First my situation. Was medically retired with a spinal injury in 2015. VA ratings dated back to 2014.

VA C&P was a farce, they LIED to say I had “No Pain, No Limitations, No Work Restrictions”. I countered that at the time (2014) with a DBQ from my Civilian Doctor at the time, resulting in going from 10% rating, to 80% combined rating, and DOD 60% combined rating.

Since then I have been going to the VA Clinic every 6 months for the last 6+ years. The VA is handling my pain meds, but doesn’t do much more than that.

Question A

I have asked several times for a consult to Pain Management to see if a Spinal Pain Pump would help me. I am in MISERABLE pain, and they’ve had me on opioids for 6+ years with diminishing help. They don’t want to increase the dosages (feels more like CYA than actual medical necessity, since I’ve been held to low dosages). Each time I’ve asked for a consult about the Pain Pump, they’ve instead sent me to a psychiatrist, which I get, that’s the first step. But they’ve NEVER followed through with an actual appointment to Pain Management for a Pain Pump consult afterwards. Just Step A over and over, no step B.

For my 6 month visit today, found out I have a new Doctor. Again I asked him for a consult to Pain Management for a Spinal Pain Pump. I explained I’ve seen the psychiatrist several times. He just looked at the screen and said “No, that’s closed, we’re not going to do anything more.”

Who should I file a complaint to actually get to the Pain Management for a Spinal Pain Pump consult? Is it even worth it to try?

Question B

If I shift to a Civilian Pain Management doctor, and hopefully find one who’s decent enough to work on finding out if a Pain Pump is a workable route to take.

Do I have to keep seeing the VA Doctor every six months?

If I stop seeing the VA Doctor, does it risk my VA Disability Benefits?

Question C

I’ve been unable to work since 2014, Medically Retired due to the spinal injury in 2015. I would like to apply for Individual Unemployability but am afraid they will LIE and CHEAT me out of the benefits I fought with a DBQ to have if they get a second run at me. I DO NOT TRUST them to be fair.

What is the risk to my current benefits if I apply for IU?

As always, thanks for any input.