Going to the DAWG


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I just hit 18 years active duty. Over the past two years I have been dealing with back issues. My PCM recommended me for physical therapy and injections; this did not work for me. I ended up seeing a surgeon and he said the my disc was herniated and also ripped. He said that I need surgery and I would be fine. I ended up doing the surgery and a few months later after I started running I was in pain again. Another MRI was done and the same disc herniated again. I saw the surgeon again and he recommended a spinal fusion. I agreed to it. The surgery was done on 22 Jan 18 and I was placed on a one year non deployable status.

By this time I have missed 4 full PT test which triggered the DAWG. Does the DAWG or AFPC look at you are trying to get better? I am sure that I can pass a PT test in about 6 months. Also I was told that they look to see if you can do your job currently, is this true?


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The Deployment Availability Working Group is required to look at all conditions that may be unfitting. This does not automatically mean your are headed to a PEB.


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I just looked at the AF469 and it says code 37 and headed to the Med board for retention. It does state that I can perform all my duties but can not deploy, PCS or TDY. The military surgeon that operated on me retired and the doctor that is looking over me now stated that I am to PT at own pace and not allowed to deploy until 01/2019 per the surgerons input. I am in a slot at the Pentagon that does not deploy so hopefully they will look at that also. I am not sure what to do. I feel so stressed right now.
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