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Greetings from Lackland AFB, TX


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Good Morning All! I though I would introduce myself as I am starting this whole MEB process and will no doubt have questions and statements to made in the future. Due to multiple PCS's and deployments overseas I have been bouncing from one PCM to another to every medical specialist the Air Force has to offer. My problem stemmed from JERRV being hit by a Two IEDs on 17 Aug 2007 and then HUMVEE being hit on 21 Nov 2007. I was treated by our combat medic and stuck in the tent for 48 hours each time. This was the beginning of a downward spiral.

Once I returned stateside I was given an MRI and CT scan on my head, but soon after PCS'd to Hawaii and never was contacted on the results. While in Hawaii I deployed two more times and struggled with PTSD that became worse over time. I utilized military onesource for therapy after being diagnosed with PTSD, because I didn't want my Unit to know and pull my TS clearance. (I don't care what people say I have seen it happen twice) During this time I was depressed and always in pain, but kept being put on profile with no resolution. Fast forward to Jan 2016 I finally get a referral to ENT and they find out that in 2007 my left eardrum was destroyed, as well as the mastoid cells, and the Cochlear and there is nothing they can due know because it caused an infection that led to a disease and all the bones in my left ear where eroding away. They have done surgery twice now and keep removing more bone. The ENT surgeon told me if they would have told me in 2007 they could've avoided all this.

Fast forward several orthopedic, physical therapy, Behavioral Science, and finally Rheumatology appointments I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic PTSD, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic migraines, anxiety, tinnitus, and pes planus (Flat foot). My rheumatologist believe the major infection in my ear, that led to disease, paired with my PTSD is the cause of my Fibromyalgia.

I was submitted by my rheumatologist for a MEB in mid June (He is army), but haven't heard anything from the Air Force yet. Last week an appointment with my PCM he asked how my MEB board was going, but didn't have any details on it. I have looked on Tricare Online and RelayHealth, but haven't seen any notes on it.

I plan to send my PCM an e-mail today and see if he can point me in the direction of the PEBLO or if the MEB was submitted to the Air Force yet.

I have been Cardio exempt from the Air Force PT test for the last 5 years with my last PT test being waist only, but due to multiple deployments and PCS's my profile has gaps during transition periods so it never generated an automatic med board or DAWG review.

Kind of wordy intro, Sorry .


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I feel your pain. I am going through something very similar. The whole MEB, let alone Air Force medical, is a confusing mess of waiting.


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I suspect your case was sent to the DAWG. They do an informal MEB and when indicated generate a formal MEB. The process is long and that is not counting the time you have been waiting for care. The failure to follow up in an MRI due to a PCS is a inexcusable gap in the system. Whenever a doc tells me, I'll let you know if there is a problem with the test results I always say I want to know either way. No news is not good news; it is just no news.

Best wises as you move through the process. I think I was in 14 more months after I was at your spot in the AF process.