H3 profile going to MEB whats going on?


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I have been in for 5 years, I am an E-5 11B. I reicieved an H3 profile and have been sent to start an MEB. how long will this take and what is the likly outcome? My sprint results are recommending seperatioin from service as I am in the 35th percentile for hearing. Anyone have a simalar story and know whats going on? I am waiting for the MEB clinic to call me back so I can start filling out the paper work.:confused::confused::confused::confused:

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It could go either way, but I have seen an 11B separated for hearing loss (a lot of times, with hearing aids, hearing loss can be overcome). In the case I recall, the Soldier could not discern vocal orders, could not communicate effectively on the radio, and was unable to direct his fire team under noisy conditions. The tough thing is that hearing loss usually results in a 10-20% rating. So, if you are on board with fighting for retirement, just make sure all of your conditions are documented so you may have a basis for fighting for additional percentage. It may be that you have not addressed other issues (back pain, PTSD, whatever). If you have limitations, it is important to get them documented.

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The section in the VASRD for hearing loss is here:

If you know your pure tone thresholds (found in your records from hearing tests), you can figure out your rating due to hearing loss. Mine works out to be 50% (my condition involves my hearing). If you need help understanding the formula or anything else, let me know. Whether they find you fit or unfit, would depend on how well your hearing aids improve your hearing and your ability to perform in your office, grade and rank or rating.

Another condition you may or may not have is tinnitus, it's another 10%. A lot of people with hearing loss have it and it's easily link to yourservice, especially if you've worked in a loud environment.
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