Having surgery for an LOD injury, can I be put on medical orders?


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Looks like I'll be out of work for a month, and 12 weeks of physical therapy. INCAP pay seems to take forever to process, I'd rather be on orders.


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Looks like I'll be out of work for a month, and 12 weeks of physical therapy. INCAP pay seems to take forever to process, I'd rather be on orders.
The Reserves tend to be reluctant to put an injured Soldier on orders for recuperation. That's what INCAP is for.

There's been some "shenanigans" at HRC (Human Resources Command), trying to use the lack of specific wording on DODI 1241.01 to wipe out the LONGSTANDING policy that INCAP must begin being paid to the Incapcitated Soldier WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE INITIAL REQUEST for it by the Soldier. That said, the regulation (AR 135-381) and other Army information on INCAP (DA PAM 135-381) and the previous DODI (DODI 1241.2) ALL support the 30 day deadline to get pay to the Soldier requirement.

My advise is to FORMALLY REQUEST INCAP, through your Unit CO, and do this by Email for date/time stamp and on the record...
Then IGNORE any "shenanigans" from HRC and unless THEY tell YOU differently, hold their feet to the fire using DA PAM 135-381's 30 day to be paid requirement. If they do tell you things are different and the 30 days doesn't apply anymore, start raising hell with an IG complaint and consider talking to your U.S. Congressman.

Bottom line, there is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON why an Incapacitated Soldier should not be receiving INCAP pay while they recover or for those who aren't able to recover are processed through the IDES (MEB/PEB) for medical separation or retirement.

I've been through the INCAP ringer and was successful. So you can PM me if you've got any questions about it.

Hope this helps...


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I hope you are in the Army Reserves. I'm not sure of how the NGB does this process. But NO ONE can deny you from wanting to go on active duty for treatment. It is the Soldier's choice. You'll need to submit an application to go on orders (preferred route; I wished I would have taken this route because the INCAP pay process takes months before you are paid). I have attached what you need. I am in the 81st RSC region but the process is the same for all RSCs. You will need a military profile. Its a simple form that you and your doctor needs to fill out and then you'll need to email that form to the Army Reserves Medical Command. Profiles can only be granted for 90 days. So 14 days before 90 days expires from your previous profile you'll need to submit another profile request. No supporting medical documentation is needed to be submitted other than your 2173. It normally takes about 2-3 days for them to issue you a profile and they will email you when its available in MEDPROS. If you are unable to access MEDPROS have someone at your unit to forward it to you.

Attached you will find the ADME/MRP2 packet and checklist. Please note the first page is Form 8 (you will not use this form). You will use Form 4, and complete all that applies on the checklist. I have also attached a fillable DA FM 4187, ensure that either ADME/MRP2 is circled. Commander's
memo(indicated as Unit Cover Letter on checklist...same thing) must be on Unit Letterhead. The Soldier needs to have a current Treatment Care Plan (on the attending Physician/medical office letterhead), Profile for the condition and an approved LOD uploaded in MEDCHART(can be submitted prior to approval of LOD determination). PLEASE FILL OUT IN ITS ENTIRETY AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OR YOUR PACKET WILL GET KICKED BACK. Upon completion of the packet, submit packet in one (1) pdf file, with the
checklist being the first document, to the respective mailbox below.

Forward WTU Entry Packets to:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Army Profile
You'll need to fill out the first two forms. Ignore the 3rd form, MEDCOM 756, and have your doctor to fill out the last forms (SF 600). Again, no supporting documentation is needed. If they need any additional information they will email you. If you need another 90 day profile in the future then you only have to submit SF 600. You can send from your civilian email. Email to the Army Reserves Medical Command using the following example:
Email completed documentation to usarmy.usarc.usarc‐[email protected]
a. SUBJECT LINE: “Profile Request”, Last name, First name and Last 4 of SSN
example- PROFILE REQUEST: Snuffy, Joe 1234

If you can take care of stuff yourself then I would advise you to do so. Make sure you follow directions very closely and do not miss a step. Most units do not know of this process and they will screw you.


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