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Hello all!


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Good morning, afternoon, or evening to where ever you find yourself. My name is John Griffin. I'm a recently (20181026) 12B Combat Engineer from the Army. I've seen two deployments, one each to Iraq and Afghanistan. In my near 11 years, I got banged up pretty good and after 2 spinal fusions started my IDES. Definitely wanted to hit 20 but it wasn't in the cards. I'm married, 17 years this May, and we've got a son and 2 daughters. We relocated from El Paso, TX (Fort Bliss) to the Tampa area where we've got a lot of family support from my wife's side. Also, we'd read that the Tampa VA was #2 in the country. So far, I completely agree. When I've talked with friends in different parts of the US, they are going through some rough experiences.

All that aside, I'm really thankful that resources like this forum exist where Vets from all the branches can come together and continue the brother/sister -hood we had while serving and look out for each other. Thanks again and look forward to getting to know the folks here on the boards.