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Good afternoon,

My name is AT1 William Kirwan and have been in the navy almost 13 years.

I have been dealing with chronic back and hip pain since 2015. Before this i was a big runner, running in many events. I had lost over 70 pounds from being 220 in 2009 and at one point down to 150 in 2012 until i met my wife.

Anyways as far as my back between 2015 till now, it has been a roller coaster. First i was in physical therapy clinic, which then led to me doing aquatics which didnt help. I had to beg my flight surgeon for an MRI which finally happened in November of 2015. They found i have 2 buldging discs, 1 degenerating, narrowing of the spinal canal, i cant remember everything else was said. I also would get numbness in my left foot

After this i had seen another flight surgeon as mine was on detachment, she recommended i see neorosurgery. Neorosurgery said go back to PT. So back i went and my PT person already put in my notes that its not helping.

After that i was sent to ortho, and the ortho doc was pissed i was there and wondering why neoro wasnt doing more. He gave me a tens unit, and sent me to get some custom insoles as he seen also i have scolosis and put me limdu. My limdu ended in August of 16 and sent back to a squadron working with HAZMAT, ordering and stocking and such.

I was sent to pain management where they did a rfa in april of 16. It worked good for a while. The second one i had in april of 17 ... was not as good. It was very painful. The doctor said it was due to the arthritis in my back worsening.

So at my follow up it seemed to being going good and he put me in for a hip bursa shot as my right hip has been painful. Then at the appointment which was monday i told the doctor that the back pain was present again. She put me in to see the pain restoration clinic.

Has anyone been to a pain restoration clinic, and what should i expect?

This whole expierence has been really stressful on myself and family. I also have two kids that are efmp level 5 and 3, adding to the stress with appointments with my family.