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I am still currently in and awaiting for my retirement orders, Just gad a question about Army pay for CRDP. I have 25 yrs in National Guard and Active, I have 16 yrs Active the rest in the Guard.
Am I eligible for both VA and DOD pay. If so how do I calculate my pay to make sure that its right.

I can't find any solid answers here at the WTB, it seems that everyone here doesn't have a clear answer for me or were to go and find out.
I am a SFC


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The only way to get CRDP before age 60 is if you have 20 years of AFS (Active Federal Service NG or RA). If not you will get VA Offset (Disability Retired Pay - VA Compensation) and CRSC if you have combat related injuries.

Make sure they code your Combat Related Injuries before you get out of WTB, if not your will have to submit supporting docs to HRC. Should be on your 199 or something like that with V Codes rated Y (yes). You submit for your CRSC after you get your Final VA Rating which can take upto 6 months after you medically retire from the Army. You will not see any VA Compensation money until you get your Final VA Rating - so don't party to quick. You should get VA backpay from the date you submitted your VA Claim on Active Duty. I heard some Soldiers are getting their Final Rating at the same time they are getting out - but this may be BS. It needs to say "Final" not "Purposed" on the VA Rating.

Active Federal Service is Full Time Guard NG or RA as long as it is Active Federal Service. Your deployments are considered Active Federal Service (AFS). You must have 20 or more years AFS to get CRDP.

How do you calculate your pay? If it is on disability it will be a % of your high 3 pay. So, 60% X (High 3 Base Pay). If you get 100% like I did their is no such thing I found out. They will only give you 75% of your (High 3 Base Pay).

You can not get CRSC if you get CRDP.

Something eles you might want to consider. You can file for SSDI at any time. You can do it online - just have all your medical docs to upload and be ready for the to call you in to see thier doctors to confirm your disabilit. VA and Social Security or seperate animals. It does not matter what the VA says when Social Secuirty is looking your over. Supporting documentation always helps.

Note: Keep all your depolyment orders and DD214. Every 90 days deployed is credit towards getting your CRDP below 60, if you do not have 20 years of AFS.

They have a 3 month expedited process for called "Wounded Warriors" Just tell them you are one when processing your SSDI paper work and you should be done in 3 months. Your also get back pay from the time they start the process. You can also apply while in the WTB. Keep the contact numbers at the WTB incase the SSDI case worker needs them to verify your condition of not being able to work.

Good Luck

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