Welcome again, everyone (well, as of now I am the only one registered here, but this is for all the future members). As I explained in the anouncement, I have created this site to provide US Military Servicemembers information about the MEB / PEB proccess. This is intended to be a one stop information resource center and discussion board.
This is my first message board/website, so please bear with me as I learn more about this board's software and how to improve the user experience. Please feel free to offer suggestions. I know I won't be able to please everyone, but I will listen to input.

Well, I hope this Board is helpful to the Servicemembers going through the PDES. I wish everyone the best of luck.


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This site has been very helpful so far. I intend to recommend this for anyone who is going through a PEB as it has good information/links that help explain the process better.


PEB Forum Regular Member
The site is very helpful, I mention this site to any and every person when the topic of IDES, profile or similar is brought up.

Appreciate the time you've put into this and creating the platform to seek info from.
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