HELP. New to MEB


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I just found out yesterday that i will be referred to MEB. It just came as a shock for I never anticipated it. My ultimate goal was to RTD but my PCM decided that I go thru this process. Can anyone tell me how the process for fighting to stay in will be like? I was diagnosed with Hep B and was put on medication for about a year ago, i was told that the medication is not helping in reducing the viral load. I am currently not showing any signs/stmptoms, my liver is doing fine, its just the viral load is still elevated. Since I am a medic, I am being told I might be reclassed to a different MOS if they decide to let me stay in because working with patients is a high risk in my case. Other than that, I am in good physical condition, am able to pass my PT test. Somebody please respond ASAP.
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