Help, No MEB yet but trying to be prepared


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I am a PO2, 6yrs, fought and beat abdominal cancer but have nerve damage from chemo. I have missed 3 PRTs. first from surgery after finding cancer, 2nd because i was going through chemo, 3rd because you are not allowed to take PRT until at least 6 months after Chemo. July is when my 2nd Limdu status ends. My nerve damage prevents me from driving and my hands don't work right. Drs told me 6months-2years until nerves repair themselves but they may never comeback. been 6 months since chemo ended and still very little improvement.

My questions are:

1. Is it possible for MEB to be requested early?
2. How long does the entire process take? I've seen 7-12 months, hence wanting to request it earlier because i don't think waiting 3 more months will do anything and I don't want to rely on people for another year to drive me to appointments. my family can only help sometimes.
3. What is a likely outcome from this? i have heard some good and some horrible stories about this process. 4. Will i be able to survive off my disability pay? I have a good amount saved up but i have looked at disability ratings for my nerve damage and it only adds up to 60%

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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