Help Reading PFT asthma results


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The categories on my PFT results are different than the other posts or I am not understanding something. Please help me interpret these results. Thank you

Spirometry: Ref Pre %Ref Post %Ref %Chg
FVC LITERS 4.96 4.40 89 4.51 91 2
FEV1 LITERS 4.07 3.07 75 3.42 84 12
FEV1/FVC % 82 70 76


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If you have asthma this is the chart (you don't mention what you claimed):

Notice there are multiple "or" in each block. So your numbers alone do not equate to the final decision.


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Thank you. It looks like I should be at 30% due to FEV-1/FVC of 70 and daily inhaler use. I should have used the official chart that you provided instead of the one listed at which lacked the "or".
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