Help!! Should I request an MEB?


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I’m an Active Duty Army SFC w/ just under 14 years TIS and am curious if I should request an MEB? I have the following diagnosed conditions:

1. Protruding/Bulging disc in mid & lower back. Been on a P2 profile with no run or walk or sit-up APFT event for over 7 years.

2. Bilateral chronic plantar fasciitis. I’ve had one bilateral surgery that didn’t work and I developed two blood clots in my left calf as a result of the immobility post surgery. I have another P2 for this condition. Had this permanent profile for a little over 2 years.

3. Small TBI. I was put through a series of test and an MRI w/ TBI protocols revealed I have a small TBI in my front left lobe.

4. Double permanent hearing loss. I have been suffering over the last several years with my hearing and it’s been gradually declining. After the TBI diagnosis it was revealed that may have something to do with it and I know wear hearing aids in both ears. So that makes 3x P2 profiles. Had this permanent profile for a little over 2 years.

5. PTSD. I went through another series of therapies and meetings and was diagnosed with minor PTSD. This is obviously due to combat deployments and explosions and gunfire and fire fights. Probably contributed to the hearing loss I would imagine too.

6. Sleep Apnea. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 5 years ago and wear a CPAP every night. Yes, that’s right, that makes a total of 4x P2 profiles I have.

Just curious to know what y’all’s thoughts are. Especially w/ this new ACFT coming soon. I’m not sure I can do even half of those events. I was really hoping to make it to 20, but my body and mind are suggesting I’m not. Let me know y’all’s honest thoughts. Thanks.
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