HELP! Thyroid cancer demotion


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Looking for help. My wife just received word she is getting demoted do to PT failures. Specifically AC measurement. Last July my wife had surgery to remove her thyroid after it was discovered she had a papillary carcinoma. After the surgery she gained weight aince they were trying to figure out what dose of a synthetic thryoid medication she needed to be on. She gained 45 lbs in 6 months. Her PT test came up she failed, she then lost 17 lbs before her next... failed again by an inch. This was her third failure in 2 years. They didn't allow her to test for staff sergeant(Air Force) and now they are kicking her down to A1C. Besides going to legal what can we do? The AFI only allows AC waivers for pregnancy and abdominal surgeries, any help would be greatly appreciated, she's seriously hating the AF now.... and they wonder why no junior enlisted want to stay in.
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