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Help with filling out DD 2656

Euphrates Eagles

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Is there anyone who can help me fill out the form DD 2656 Data for payment for retired personnel

I am not receiving any help from RSO because I have been discharged from the service awhile ago and my case was recently approved and the status has been changed to a retired due to a medical condition through the ABCR program

Euphrates Eagles

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I have uploaded the pages, I don’t know what exactly I need to put in those pages! The first two pages were self-explanatory but those are a little bit complicated,

I am single and never married and have no kids so I am not sure if I need to fill out everything in there,


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Ref: <--LINK
DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume 7B, Appendix P

"P002 APPLICABILITY AND SCOPEP00201. Establishing Retired/Retainer Pay Account. Those Service members requesting retirement or members transferring to the Fleet Reserve, Retired Reserve, or Inactive Reserve, and former members who qualify to retire under10 U.S.C. Chapter 1223, must complete the DD 2656 and DD 2656-1, if appropriate. The DD2656 is the most important financial related document to complete in preparing for military retirement. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Cleveland Site (DFAS-CL) will establish the Service member’s retired/retainer pay account based on the data provided on the form(s) and retirement/transfer orders."

Recommend you speak to the Retirement Service Office again. You could not have used their services previously since your retirement was later approved per your appeal.
If a clerk tells you "NO"--ask to speak to his or her supervisor.

Otherwise, a veterans service officer with an organization such as the VFW, DAV, etc. might be able to help you.

Edited to add: Instructions on how to complete the form are on the pages following PAGE 5 of the form.


Euphrates Eagles

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Thanks for sharing this information,

I spoke with the the transition center’s chief and he did not accept to transfer me to RSO, he also said to me that he could not help me now until he receives the separation orders & my DD 214 from the HRC.

And, he cannot receive it from me directly because he thinks its considered crossing the chain of command, I personally do not think that there is someone higher than this person I spoke with,

For this reason, I do not want to complete this form. Especially, if there are an important information that must be considered before filling out those forms