Help with MEB from a appeal and adding new Condition


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I recently got my results back from my PEBLO pertaining my MEB, I appealed because during the wait I was diagnosed with a new condition. Well, I meet with my formal board in a few weeks and during my appeal, I might also be diagnosed with 2nd new condition since my specialist found some concerning labwork. My JAG has informed me that this could cause the MEB to start all over again. Meaning brand new narratives, I'm already 8 months in. I'm forewarned that this could cause me to testify about my conditions (which I'm fine with) I have 3 separate MFR's from Dr's describing my conditions and how they effect me now and long term. I just feel that with my new conditions its going to cause me to be in another year. I'm grateful that I'm finally getting answers, but frustrated that this could potentially cause all my hard to start over. Is this normal?

I forgot to mention I received a rating of 70% DOD and 90% VA. I appealed because of the new condition, its just crazy that I might now have 2 new conditions to add.


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Honestly, what is the down side? You receive active duty pay for another year, hopefully increase both DoD and VA ratings, and if you have not but are considering it, time to apply for Social Security benefits.


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At 70% DoD you have a little to gain, DoD max payment is 75%! So is 5% more worth a significant delay in retirement? Only you can answer that question.
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