help with prostrating


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I was finally DX with Migraines/lesions a 3 weeks ago, I only have 1 ER visit but after my accident when this started I went to my PCM 2 to 3 times a week and my unit would send me home 3 to 4 times a week before 0930. I have personal statements from my first SSG stating this and I also have statements from neighbors in post housing that have seen the affects this has had on my life over the last 5 months, what else do I need? I also have BL for knees, BL shoulders ROM 20%, BL hips rom20%
I just didnt have time and when I had a episode I could not make it to the ER I would just medicate myself and try to sleep it off the best I could.
I have lost 25 ponds in the last 2 weeks from stress at wtu because when I have an attack my PLT does not allow me to go home or leave from duty or work assignment this is killing me I thought that is what they are here for I guess not.any help or info as to where I stand would help a lot, thanks so much


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To stop what your doing and to become incapacitated. I guess you would need a record on incapacitating from a third party. Traditionally going to the ER supports this.


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Xeno, I also talked with my former PCM the one I had before going to WTU, I called him (CAPT) on his cell and told him how the nuero had messed up med history by putting his spin on everything and he said he would write a personal statement for me as to the number of times I had to come to his office and get treatment for headaches after the accident. Will this help? I am upset as to how and why the military Docs seem to try and discredit service members by puting in false information in the medical files of soldiers, I attempted to get him to amend this but to no avail and am at a loss for words when it comes to this.I do have satements from my 1SGT and Capt peacock pcm will this carry any weight along with the one EC visit?
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