How long does it take to recieve your P3 profile


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Hey all,

New to the forum have read many but decided since I couldn't find the answer to my question I would ask here.

I have had chronic back pain for 11 years now, was hit by a HMV during first deployment, etc etc...physical therapy, chiropractor, ortho, pain management the works..

Last week my PCM stated to me that she was drafting and writing up a P3 profile and initiating a medboard.

So last Tuesday, I was informed that I was getting a P3 profile, however I guess things are different or maybe I am just unfamiliar with this process and the approval process with the profiles now. I informed my COC and they have been very helpful with me during the waiting process receiving the profile and are willing to help me out and work around it.

However I have been in 12 years, and I don't like to waste peoples time and I was curious if anyone knows how long in the Active Duty Army is it taking for P3 profiles to show up in your Medpros/E-Profile system or is this just a post-to-post difference based upon the approval process?
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