How PDRL + late CRCS impact FERS with Buy Back & vice-versa?


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Background: 60% PDRL (blue card), 100% VA, 70% CRSC recently, under 20 years. Appreciate in advance.

I already buy back paid fully 1st year as a GS back in 2018 but now I just got this new CRSC retroactive decision this week.
For the sake of me being able to keep the CRCS monthly pays & Tricare benefit even after FERS retirement later, should I:

A) Go back to the board requesting to change the line for '26 USC 104' from 'NO' to 'YES' because of the new CRSC eligibility? I think they also have to change 60% to now 70%?
B) maybe A) is not necessary base on these codes "Simulating war...Instrumentalily of War" on my CRCS injuries and OPM/DFAS will know not to forfeit/interrupt any of my DoD benefits?
C) Should I just get my Buy Back payment from FERS refunded entirely to undo my mistake & not jeopardize any DoD benefit at all?
USPDA retire order 2017.png New CRSC letter 2021.png


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Did you ever get an answer on this? I might be in a similar situation soon. If approved for CRSC by the service component does this nullify a prior or future FERS buyback? For me, the CRSC could be anywhere from 1200 to 2000 a month but with the possiblity of not buying back service