How to contact USAFR IPEB?

Hey everyone,

I have a member in my unit who's case has been submitted to IPEB in April 2017 according to our local ASTS.
We are a geographically separated reserve unit and don't have an actual MTF. Our regionally assigned MTF is Grand Forks, ND.
This member in question hasn't heard anything about his case and all ASTS says is that it's been submitted. The member does not have a PEBLO assigned either.

I've tried calling ARPC, AFPC, and have gotten nowhere.
The OAC says the case doesn't show up in their system yet, which means there is no fit determination yet.
Does anyone have the current contact info for AF RESERVE PEB?
Or even the PEBLO for this region??

Thank you!!!!


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I first experienced a situation like this when I was supposed to come up for an MEB. I never had contact with a PEBLO. My Chain of Command came to my hospital because I was being treated in a civilian psychiatric hospital. Told me I was going up for a MEB. When I returned to duty after being placed in a non-current status, a DOD Doctor did an evaluation on me. Never met them. A NARSUM was done and I was returned to duty. I had contacted my base's PEBLO office because I was given misinformation from my First Sergeant to contact them to get a PEBLO. That's not how it works and was told so on the phone. It was a much different process than when my actual provider wrote the NARSUM that actually kicked off the MEB Process that got me retired. I've been medically retired for 3 years now and recently went through the Re-Evaluation process with contact to the Air Force. Here is come contact info I was given and perhaps they can offer some insight to get you in the right direction.

You may contact the OAC via telephone-commercial at 1-(855) MEB-JAGS; (210) 565-0739; or DSN 665-0739. The staff at the OAC will assist you with any questions you may have about the DES. You may also e-mail the OAC at [email protected]

BTW the number to AFPC always hangs up on me. Get an operator each time.
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